Christina Suter - Weaving

​Growing up in Sweden, a country with a rich tradition of hand weaving, I got interested in weaving at a young age. I was lucky that one of my mom’s friends was a textile artist, so I spent time with her, checking on her sheep on a small island off the west coast of Sweden, “helping” her dye wool and getting a taste of weaving.  When I finished school I took courses in weaving, pottery and wood carving at a “Folkhögskola” in the north of Sweden, and I was hooked on weaving. Largely self-taught I’ve studied weaving in Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. I’ve moved about a bit in my life. As a young person I worked in the south of England and in Edinburgh, Scotland. Then my curiosity drew me to Los Angeles, where I spent many years. Later in life, after many years in Switzerland, I had a farm in West Virginia, USA.  I moved to Scotland in the spring of 2010, drawn here by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of its people.

I love working with different colours in simple, clean patterns. Watching colours in nature inspires me to try different colour combinations. I love to see how the colours play off each other. I particularly like what I call “free warping”, where I lay out several spools of yarn and simply start warping.  A bit of a gamble perhaps, but lots of fun, and hard to reproduce. I use only natural materials with a preference for silk, cotton, linen, and a fine merino wool. Everything I weave is either wearable or functional in the home.

In 2011 I took part in a textile tour in Peru, where we travelled from Lima to Paracas, Arequipa, Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca, to a small indigenous village near Cusco, then Cusco, and then back to Lima, all the while exposed to the most incredible textiles from the Paracas textiles to the stunning creations of Maximo Laura. An extremely inspiring trip!


West Virginia State Fair, Lewisburg, WV. Won first price for a silk scarf in 1998

Exhibited and sold my weaving at “Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia” in 2000 and until I left in 2004

2005 Christmas exhibition at “Antiquitäten in Hagenstal”, Hagenstal, Switzerland

2005 to present time – My handtowels are exhibited at “Perler Antike Oefen”, Wabern, Switzerland.

2011 Christmas exhibition at Peter Potter Gallery, Haddington
, Scotland

2011 Christmas exhibition at Dancing Light Gallery, Lamancha, Scotland

2012 Solo exhibition at the Gallery Cafe, Penicuik, Scotland

2012 Christmas exhibition at Peter Potter Gallery

March 2014 Exhibited together with Ulla Hipkin and Jane Kelly at the Spring Tide exhibition in Edinburgh, Scotland.

​​February 2017 exhibition at the Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh, Scotland

All ​photos by Mike Graham

The Penicuik Arts Festival is around the corner. My studio will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday 1 and 2 and 8 and 9 September from 11 am to 4 pm.

On Saturday the 17th of November I am taking part in the Christmas Fair at the Penicuik Town Hall from 10 am to 3 pm.

My Studio is in my home in Penicuik. I welcome customers to my home by appointment.